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I Still Believe 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie is so many things packed into one. It’s romantic, no matter the circumstances, it is inspiring, heartfelt, joyful, sorrowful – I could go on and on. The love between Jeremy and Melissa was shown so well through this movie and the lead actors were amazing.

This shows God’s power through so many obstacles. He is always there even if we don’t feel like He is. I absolutely adored this movie and could watch it over and over. Thank you to Jeremy Camp for allowing us to be a part of his journey. God bless.

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This movie was so heart warming and makes your mood hit the extreme ups and downs!! I mean it was so good that it should honestly be rated 9+ by IMDb. And I was so schooled to know that it was based on a true story.
After watching it, I was reassured that love is so precious and fragile (just so you know I am exaggerating about anything I have written so just watch the movie right now)

And I never knew KJ Apa was so talented as an actor, I am defiant his biggest fan now. And I already knew the heroine from before and absolutely lobs the way these two portrayed their chemistry on screen. It felt so natural.

And please don’t forget to keep a tissue box beside you before you start watching it cuz you’re definitely going to cry out a fountain of tears which for the first time you won’t ever regret doing so.

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A great love story and full of hope…the storms of life will come but when you trust GOD with your life he will be with YOU every moment through the good times and the bad. I really loved this movie but it was very powerful and tough on your emotions.

No matter what storms come into your life we must trust GOD TO BE WITH US AND HELP US AND NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! WE need more inspiring movies like this! If God took me home today I can honestly say GOD was always there with me and I DID find a wonderful hubby to share my life with and our story is like that one we will be together past death! I STILL BELIEVE.

The story was very well told and the actors performed very well. The emotions were authentic and the put-you-in-the-moment was easily accomplished several times. This movie took me back to my young 20s quickly when emotions were magnified 10 times when we didn’t know what the other person was feeling.

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What stood out most to me was Jeremy’s demonstration of what love is all about – putting another person above yourself. He showed this over and over which is a great example for young women to see and look for in their own lives. It is one of those movies that sticks with you a while. They same way “A Star is Born” did. It makes you really think of what authentic love is and looks like and makes you desire that in your own relationships.

I love the movie. it being a true life story really got to me and i thank God that i got to watch such an amazing movie and i hope that more people get the opportunity to watch it too.

I Still Believe 2020 Full Movie Review

I so much love the movie not just because it captures everything about a christian life. The faith melissa showed got me thinking and hoping and praying that one day i can exercise faith to that level cuz faith is the back bone of an christian life.

And also i really appreciate the directors of this movie and also the family of melissa for shearing jeremy and melissa story to me and also to the world, thanks to you all i know (let me say reassured) that in every situation, no matter how bad it is or how bad it might turn out, there is always hope and love and (if i still believe) there will be a miracle waiting to happen.

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