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Hamilton 2020 Full Movie Free Download 720p: The musical was amazing and made me shed a few tears. This movie needs to be watched by every single person no excuses. The portrayal of the characters as complex, and heavily flawed, reminds us that they are more than what’s shown in the stage. Obviously, the figures shown are more complex, and often worse people than shown on stage, but it’s a story. The music is great

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Initial release: July 3, 2020
Director: Thomas Kail
Music composed by: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Screenplay: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Producers: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jeffrey Seller

Hamilton Full Movie Download

I thought I’d NEVER be Satisfied after hearing the news that the original Broadway Cast started to one by one leave the show. I mean, I was happy to finally be in the room where it happened when I saw the touring cast in Oregon 2 years ago… but I was just sad that I missed a chance to see the original cast on Broadway.

This pro-shot of the Original Cast on Broadway might have just saved the whole year for me.. because this year has mostly been disappointment after disappointment. This is the most uplifting thing I saw this entire year because the inner theater geek in me squealed the second this came out.

EVERYONE brought their A-game. I really need to praise Leslie Odom Jr, Phillipa Soo , Renee Elise-Goldsberry, Daveed Diggs, Christopher Jackson, and Jonathan Groff because they really shone to me in their roles. They really brought their performances to life on stage with their charisma, charm, and emotional timing into every note they all sang.

Hamilton 2020 Movie Download 720p

The ensemble cast of dancers and the orchestra were BRILLIANT… The choreography made the bigger numbers all the better and the orchestra sounded phenomenal. The directing was good for the most part.. some shots came off as a bit wonky at times. But I wasn’t too bothered by it because I can understand how they tried to capture the entire stage presence the best way they could. We did get that because the dancers were highlighted fairly and it gave equal spotlight to the main cast.

Lin is the definition of a mad genius. He took a biography on one of our lesser remembered finding fathers… made him the biggest name out there by crafting one of the most impressive Broadway cast albums I’ve listened to since maybe Rent, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, and A Chorus Line. It’s genius.

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He actually made the history of the finding fathers INTERESTING. This whole musical encouraged me to read up on American history more than I needed to back when it came out… and once again proves musicals based off history mostly always make for the BEST kind of musicals.. If there were musicals covering every subject in school, I’d learn more.

Hands down one of my favorite pro-shots of a musical that I adore. a dream come true for Hamilton fans or just avid musical theater nerds.

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