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It is a very good movie for such a low budget. Kudos to everyone involved. Best of luck BCU!
Maybe someday we’ll start exporting movies, Fingers crossed. Good movie.Loved the cast performance and story line was good, showed like reality. A change and good superhero movie. Waiting for the others and team up movie.

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One of the thing You should considered while watching Gundala are don’t put Your expectation like Marvel and DC Movie (having big CGI-Action and others element) but put Your expectation on The Raid franchise and Netflix The Night Come for Us level which is an Indonesian Movie that put emphasis on dynamic martial arts (predominantly Pencak Silat fight)

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The story of Gundala which not based on its comic based origin where very complex and relatable toward current issue in Indonesian society (patron-client relations, vague definition of morality by officials and the public and social inequality). The Villain (Pengkor) where heaving deep origins story, motivation and sympathetic although a additional screen time will develop it character further.

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This element makes the Movie fresh compared to recent Marvel movie which lack realism and grounded since The Winter Soldier (Black Panther a exception). However, the story sometime got convoluted since they introduce a lot of new character to introduce Bumilangit Cinematic Universe (BCU).

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The fight scene where “good”, not that special compare to TNCFU and The Raid because first, it a Superhero character and second, this is the first time Joko Anwar direct an Action Movie and third the lead of both movie (Iko and Joe) where an former athlete, Abimana who played Gundala where an actor.

Overall, this movie where solid opening to the BCU even through there a lot of weakness and hope that the sequel will made it. I meanwhile going to wait for Si Buta dari Gua Hantu.

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