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Gulabo Sitabo 2020 Full Movie Download. This is a good movie. It has good story that somehow tells us what is running in our surroundings or society. The makers are trying to gives us Tom& Jerry like feeling which really well presented by Amitabh Bachchan Sir and Ayushmann. The X Factor of this film is that has a pure concept and not have so called item songs as well as vulgar dialogues to keep us laugh, if you go deep to these dialogues you’ll surely laugh a lot.
Talking about the story which is bit slow that affect a bit to this film.
The acting of all the actors are good and also Big B is the real boss in acting.
It has also folk songs which really good and is quite well than that of so called Neha Kakkar’s song.
Without any critical experience except storyline I am giving 4/5 to this film.

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Absolutely amazing movie! I keep going back to watching it again and again each time I feel lost amongst the millions of dizzying choices offered on the Internet. Amitabh Bachchan, Ayushmann Khurana and each of the other actors ace in their performances and Begum takes the cake! Outstanding. The attention to details is just mind blowing. Truly spectacular. I can feel AB’s pain from his slouch walk after hours of shooting in that posture. What A absolute delight this movie is! And the timing could not be have been more immaculate when audience was starved for good quality entertainment from Bollywood. Cheers. I’d rate this a 10 out of 5.

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The first look of the movie and I was so turned off. Why would I care to watch a movie with a non appealing name and a seemingly boring script. Even the lack of visual appeal. But somehow searching some watchable material, I stumbled upon this one. Within first few minutes, my heart was totally in the movie I won’t say much but it’s like a classic novel, that is so tasteful , that one would want relish each moment. Every character and situations is dwelt upon, receiving an absolute treatment by the writer. While Bachchan and Khurana are as usual awesome, the minor characters have been portrayed not only well but the actors left me speechless with their performances. Their accent and tone so well mastered that they jumped out of the screen like familiar Lucknow people.

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Namely the character Pandey ji, begum and khurana’s girlfriend. They were more real than the real people I know. This movie is so.beautiful and witty that I can say it deserve s endless praise. The Lucknow depicted is very authentic and as a Lucknowite I was enchanted and once again fell in love with with my own city. Much appreciation for the director, the script writer and the whole cast and crew. All those who love witty intelligent stories, just watch it. One last thing, a lot of ppl will write about Srishti srivastava but as I am from Lucknow, I got the real flavours of the city by Begum, Pandey ji and the girl called Fauzia. Oh btw if you are looking for humour, let me tell you, it’s not your regular humour, it’s the kind of humour VS Naipaul would dish out. not an average taste but at it’s finest. I am editing my review today as I read somewhere that Khurana has not done his job accurately infact the critic has mentioned Muzzffar Ali’s Lucknow. Well maybe the critic lives in some romantic world of 1700 because as of now Lucknow is exactly what Sircar depicted and Khurana seems to be a guy we regularly meet on Lucknow roads . A movie definitely going down as a classic.

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