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This story is very nice special for girls and other people it is emotional and serious story and real life incidence with malala please don’t forget to see this movie it is nice to see and get good message.

I loved the movie and request all my friends to go and watch it.
This is a real story of Malala Yousafzai- the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Till now we only read stories of what she has went through. Gul Makai movie gives us opportunity to see and feel the terror she has gone through and still she has remained firm on her motive of Basic education right for girls.

Gul Makai 2020 Full Movie Free Download

This movie teaches me to live my dreams. No matter what is the situation, Don’t give up. Malala didn’t have many facilities, there was constant threat to her life, she was shot with gun and yet continued the movement.
We all are really blessed to live such peaceful life yet at times we complain.
My life prospective has totally changed now.
I’m now more committed to help my Bahena and boost their morale.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Thank you the entire team of Gul Makai for delivering such powerful message.

Gul Makai Full Movie Watch Online Free

I specifically appreciate the theme of the movie…..The best part of the movie is like… the struggle faced by malala also the way she overcomed it……
And last but not the least…. one of my favourite indian television actress “REEM SHAIKH” rocks!!!!
3 cheers for tujhse hain raabta .

Gul Makai Full Movie Download Review

I loved the movie, as founder of Women community fb grp Bahena, I recommend this movie as message of this movie is so clear n positive, Should educate girls, it’s really very important in today’s life.

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