Gotham full movie download in hindi, tamil dubbed

Gotham full movie download in hindi, tamil dubbed

Gotham full movie download: This must be called one of the should watch Telugu movie of 2020. Wouldn’t be surprised if Tamil or Hindi movie industry shows interest to buy the remake rights.

After watching ‘thriller’ movies like HIT, Penguin, Nishabdam over the last few months, Gatham tickles the brain that has been left unused by the former mentioned movies.

It starts with a guy, Rishi who wakes up after an accident only to hear from his doctor that he’s just got out of an accident and that he has lost his memory. Aditi, his girlfriend enters the scene and introduces herself as his girlfriend.

Rishi inquires Aditi about his life, his parents. Aditi informs that his father is alive and hadn’t come to see his son at the hospital due to some unforeseen reasons. Rishi asks Aditi if we can go meet his father.

They set off on a journey to meet his father. During their journey, their car breaks down. They meet a stranger. gotham by gaslight full movie download in hindi 480p.

Who’s this stranger, what does this stranger want? Did Rishi really lose his memory? What was the accident that caused the memory loss? Watch Gatham to know the rest of the story.

Technically, the script work must be appreciated for the research they’ve brought to it. I get it, there could be a few really intricate details that might have been overlooked – cinematic liberty – but, you never feel that the information isn’t sufficient to move the story forward. We don’t get to hear outstanding dialogues. Dialogues compliment the story.

The camera work and the colors look damn rich. A couple of frames would remain in your mind even after you’ve finished watching the movie. The opening drone shot is ‘Keka’.

Gotham full movie download tamil dubbed

The acting performances weren’t up to the mark. A few of them underplayed and it looks like the rest of them overplayed. The chemistry between the actors wasn’t proportional just like their acting experience.
Thus we could say, no one was exceptional and no one was bad.

The BGM is outstanding. Kept us at the edge of our seats. I do have to mention that, during a few scenes, we would feel – ummm, BGM wasn’t necessary here, could have just let me hear to the characters speak.

Oh, there is a cop chase scene and that is the item song of the movie. No one knows why it came and why it went.

Do give it a watch and give your review here. Share your feedback with the cast and the crew.

P.S: This movie was made by passionate passionate passionate PASSIONATE film lovers. Even though they’ve followed their parents wishes of getting an IT job in America, even though they don’t have an ‘Telugu/Indian cinema industry’ in America, these bunch of individuals fought against odds and gave it their everything to make this well stitched movie that was presented by Amazon Prime India!

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