Free Download Siren – News Magazine Elementor WordPress Theme Nulled

Free Download Siren Theme Nulled

When will demo import be available? Do you have the xml files that I can import? currently we are working on auto impoter option.XML file we can send to your email so please send PM (or send us email Thanks. Two other questions / feature suggestion. Can we change the Page Loader to our own logo? or disable completely?

Is it possible to have a custom template per post category? Instead of just one custom template for all categories. Free Download Siren Theme

page loader can change, that feature we added for 1.01 Update, It will release withing next 2 days. custom template for each category currently not available, but this is interesting Feature we will add this for our update (not next one, but soon).

How many video support (for embed) do you have? For example, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo,, facebook.

Do you have poll or quiz in your theme? Do you have a modification package? How many video support (for embed) do you have? For example, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo,, facebook.

Do you have poll or quiz in your theme? Do you have a modification package?

your question is unclear for me, theme support Vimeo and Youtube Video embed, and there have custom option for youtube –

Free Download Siren Theme

Do you have a poll or quiz in your theme? do you mean custom block?

Do you have a modification package? Does modification package mean? are you need customization service from us?

How to remove that rainbow menu? and how long you can give some demo because I’m a beginner, I very confuse how to start use a widget.

Are you need to change menu colors? Go to Header/Footer builder and you can make a custom header using that, please send me a message, using my envato profile., i will make your site as theme demo, then you can start easily edit template 🙂

The theme looks good and I’m considering buying it. A couple of questions;

  1. Is there a one click demo importer to have all pages exactly as i see in the demo?
  2. Is single post template customizable at the front end using Elementor drag and drop? Or is customization need to be done through backend theme panel? Similarly, how is category archive template customized – using Elementor drag and drop?
  3. Are there ready-to-use headers and footers? Or will i need to build them from scratch?
  4. I can not see pages like About, 404, contact etc. Are they not included?
  5. Does the download also include child theme?
  6. While the name of this theme is Siren, the description on this page mentions TimesMag. For example, TimesMag theme have 40+ inbuilt blocks… Am I missing something? Siren Theme Free Download

I will reply your questions one by one

  1. This version 1.0.1 Still not include demo importer, but its will come soon, but with xml file import theme set as 100% demo
  2. Yes its support elementor drag and drop front end editor, we create special blocks for single pages, you can use that, archive pages also we added some special blocks, (and new blocks coming soon) please send me a quick message, i will attach you to some screen shots if you need
  3. there already have some default header and footer, but after demo import, header and footer also auto import to your site
  4. contact us and about us page we did not added to demo. but 404 page we added,
  5. this version we did not include but later it will come
  6. Thanks very much to show this, We submit theme as “Times Mag” but envato not support that name for approval, so we have t change theme name, but that time we already made some graphics, we will update it soon 🙂
  7. Please ask anything you need to know Thanks

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