Four Kids and It [Hindi + Eng] Dubbed Movie Download

Four Kids and It [Hindi + Eng] Dubbed Movie Download: it was really nice. And for those hating on it saying that it ruins the original, the movie even pays tribute to “Five Children And It”.

Movie Info

Initial release: June 11, 2020 (Russia)
Director: Andy De Emmony
Story by: Jacqueline Wilson
Screenplay: Simon Lewis
Producers: Julie Baines, Anne Brogan

Four Kids and It Full Movie Download

This is nothing like the book, what the hell. Alice and Maudie and Smash are black. The book describes Maudie and Alice as blonde. So dumb. Rosalind is shy and meek. This makes her look sassy. And they said they’ve been seeing each other? And Maudie was there? Maudie was David and Alice’s child? Robbie and David are spot on but other then that, it sucks. I wouldn’t mind them being black at all but it clearly stated them blonde. Smash is American and it ticks me off so much. It was SET IN ENGLAND. Why did they choose Jacqueline’s book? And not the original? Jacqueline’s was just a spinoff. It was good but why not five children and it

This isnt a rip off jaqueline wilson wrote a book about 4 children and it as a more modern version with different children and the kids wishing to meet the children from the original its a lovely book but i dont think this movie gives it justice

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I saw it last night: loved it and more when Russell was in it: I watched the Jackleine Wilson part: he says it’s hard working with kids: it’s all a kids movie: I google it too: basically he hates kids: doesn’t even watch his own for more than an evening when their asleep: wife comes back because she doesn’t trust him: he has a Victorian method of it: women = kids, Men = Jobs: He even wants to BAN tickling wi kids: u read it’s on a ton of websites: all people who work wi kids in movies say they love it and the fun they bring: Russell NO he HATES kids: what did they ever do to you: ESPECIALLY HIS OWN….

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