Fast and Furious 9 (F9) Movie Cast, Release Date, Trailer

Fast and Furious 9 F9 Movie Review, Cast, Release Date, Trailer. Fast & Furious 9 is a Hollywood (American) action film directed by Justin Lin.

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Why Hollywood is turning into Bollywood movie or Indian drama like he is dead but not really. At first there was Tarzan swinging and then Spider-Man and then wonder woman.

Fast and furious script:
-if we do this, we risk everything
-we’re all family now
-one last ride
-he knows we are looking for him
-its his/her brother/sister

Fast and the Furious 10: in space: the fighting of Space aliens and the robots of the future.Fast and the Furious is not Fast and the Furious without Paul Walker.Say whatever you want.

So.. There was many WWE superstar in this franchise First The Rock, then Ronda(but well she was not WWE whem the movie come but i count for now),Roman Reign and now cena. i wouldnt be surprise if SCSA or HHH or even Taker will join this franchise.

The main motivation behind why individuals have an issue with this, is on the grounds that it didn’t begin this way, I will concede the tricks are not practical any longer, I think what they were attempting to do was since we’re in another period and innovation is getting crazy these days, so they attempted to place it in quick n incensed in there possess way, however simply did it in a strange way, yet other than that I truly appreciate these motion pictures, the vast majority may think extraordinary however.

F9 film

  • Directed – Justin Lin
  • Written – Daniel Casey
  • Distributed – Universal Pictures
  • Country – United States

quick 10 : Dom has a sister as well.

F9 11 : all the miscreants from quick 9 become a heroes and presenting new packs of reprobate.

F9 12 : Dom’s dad, mother, grandmother, grandpa have returned.

F9 13 : the trouble makers from quick 10, 11, 12 become heroes and presenting new lowlifess.

F9 14 : Han demise again and lady gadot returned.

F9 15 : they have a time machine this time and back to the past to quick 1 story to risk history.

F9 : Dom and his family and his friends join the avengers to fight superman.
F9 : Dom and bryan reunion again and then they hug and kiss each others and have a sex together.
F9 : mia was upset seeing this dom and bryan being gay and become a final boss

  1. Vin Diesel 
  2. John Cena
  3. Michelle Rodriguez 
  4. Tyrese Gibson
  5. Chris “Ludacris” Bridges
  6. Jordana Brewster 
  7. Nathalie Emmanuel 
  8. Sung Kang 
  9. Helen Mirren
  10. Charlize Theron 

Release Date

United States May 22, 2020 
Belgium April 8, 2020


Fast and furious 20 trailer will be like – Paul walker : hie I missed you my family I’m back from heaven ..
Kids today will never understand that Fast & The Furious started as a Street Racing movie.
Kind of sad seeing everybody look 50, I remember in 2001 they all looked 20.With the magic of film production too bad they cant make people look younger.

Fast and Furious 9 F9 movie Download Link


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