Extraction (2020) Full Movie Download in Hindi Dual Audio

Extraction (2020) Full Movie Download in Hindi Dual Audio. It is a Hollywood American action thriller film directed by Sam Hargrave. Finally A big thanks to Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave for giving us such a wonderful movie Extraction in global pandemic period.

Extraction Full Movie Download

Another important USP of Extraction is also surprisingly realistic in terms of how it doesn’t want to turn heroes into Invincible characters. When they get hit, they bleed. When they are injured, they feel pain. And given how all of this is done masterfully during its video-game style action, Extraction fulfills the action genre to its fullest..it’s better to stay home, grab some snacks and prepare yourself for a thrill-a-minute, no-nonsense action ride called Extraction. Action aficionados are definitely in for a massive treat.

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By far the most action packed movie, in a long time. Virtually flawless direction, cinematography, visual effects and above all performances. Watch it for Chris Hemsworth’s rock solid portrayal of a mercenary cum rescuer for hire, with a troubled personal past. The bedroom conversations between Chris and Rudhraksh Jaiswal bring out deep but watchable emotions to the fore. Randeep Hooda really deserves more roles like these, looks like he has literally lived the role of a trusted lieutenant.
Top class action sequences are the core of the movie. Kudos to the Director Sam Hargrave. Many more to come Sam.

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Words would not do justice to what I have to say, but let me try.
The cinematography felt so natural that it seemed as If I was physically present in every scene, up close and personal. It was so natural that even when Golshifteh Farahani “Nik” slipping while coming out of the car carrying an RPG just gave it a grand slam. The way Chirs Hemsworth portrayed his emotions, and a huge round of applause to Rudhraksh Jaiswal and Randeep Hooda the way they blended so naturally into every scene just made it a great masterpiece.

This movie set a new benchmark of you can captivate the audience completely, congratulations Sam Hargrave, instead of naming a school after you in the movie, you should actually open one to teach the upcoming generation about this master class direction. Also Chirs is gonna collect a huge pay check as a producer this one’s gonna be huge success.

extraction full movie download dual audio

Crazy explosive action and Chris in his peak form !! Loved every moment !! Randeep Hooda and Rudraksh Jaiswal were amazing and so was Priyanshu Painyuli (his East Bengal dialects were commendable) and Shataf Figar – Kudos guys !! Goldshifteh Farahani take a bow and Pankaj Tripathi, in just one scene, you showed your class !!

extraction full movie download dual audio 2020

Can’t end the review without acknowledging the unbelievable fight sequences…the amazing cinematography and the fabulous direction !!

Ah, last but not the least, what an accurate depiction of the streets of Dhaka, although it was shot in Ahmedabad and Bangkok !!

Extraction rocks

Extraction (2020) Full Movie Download
Extraction (2020) Full Movie Download

If you love to watch action thrillers then Netflix’s Extraction has a lot to offer you. From top notch action scenes to emotional ones it will keep you entertained throughout the movie. Chris Hemsworth has done a great job in portraying Tyler. Also i liked Randeep Hooda’s performance and his screen time was pretty good. The only thing i disliked about the movie was its tone and setting, it gave me the feeling of some warzone like Afghanistan.

Extraction Full movie download in hindi

Everyone in this movie has done there great acting specially The stuntmens of this movie.
Pankaj tripathi nd Randeep played their part nicely and effectively. Chris Hemsworth is a usual the charming actor to watch. Chris at his best as always ,making emotional too nd ofcourse the cute girl Golshifte farahani furious nd beautiful at the same time and The action packed movie will give you a good time. A one time watch but Lot of things to remember. All nd all must watch movie. Chris Hemsworth

Extraction movie download in hindi dubbed 720p & 480p

It’s good to see Chris Hemsworth doing some thing other than his heroic Thor character. His portrayal of a ruthless mercenary with a good heart was something new from him in my opinion. It’s far better than the other stuff he has done lately (marvel films not counting). The main villain is a bit generic. Instead Randeep Hooda’s character was more nuanced. I liked that he had a backstory to motivate his character’s progression unlike the other characters. They could have put the talents of Pankaj Tripathi in better use. He can be a very dominating presence but he does not get enough screen time. All in all a solid movie if you want to see non stop brutal action. Just don’t get your hopes up for a good narrative.

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Everyone in this movie has done there great acting specially The stuntmens of this movie.
Pankaj Tripathi has a little time on screen I wish I could see him more. Randeep played his part nicely and effectively. Chris Hemsworth is a usual the charming actor to watch and The action packed movie will give you a good time. A one time watch but Lot of things to remember.
4/5 Action packed, Best direction, Emotional, Touchy.

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An emotional journey filled with world class action…
Randeep Hooda steals the show, he shines bright throughout his screen presence..!
Phenomenal performance by Chris Hemsworth will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout the movie !!
The best part of the film is its unique cinematography which keeps you hooked…!

Extraction Official Trailer

Enemy Lines 2020 Full Movie Download Free

Just watched the film and must say it’s worth your watch every single minute makes you to stick your eyes to the screen. The action sequences and the gunfighting is spectacular to watch. The direction is superb man, the direction is raw and perfect like when the actors are running the camera shakes continuously and it feels so extraordinary. The acting of every character is to the point and chris hemsworth is as always perfect and also all the indian actors like randeep hooda who is a spectacular actor. So the movie is a must watch

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