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Escape from Pretoria 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie is true- based story. And, this movie is about two young lads who was against apartheid in. The one is timothy jerkin(Daniel Radcliffe) and the other one is Stephen lee (Daniel webbed). Besides, they got imprisoned for working on prohibited ANC (African National Congress). If you like to watch these kind of tiller movie then this movie is for you. I personally like this movie and Daniel did a great justice with his character.

Absolutely fantastic political thriller with an amazing cast and gripping story line based on a true story involving the ANC in South Africa and some white men who were ahead of their time in standing for black and minority rights. Beautifully shot and has you on the edge of your seat the entire way. Incredible film.

It is a story based on real-life set in South Africa, about two white lads namely; Tim Jerkin (Daniel Radcliffe) and Daniel Weber (Stephen Lee) imprisoned at Robbed Island, they plan to run away from the White’s man prison an act unheard of. If you have a soft spot for thrillers this is the film for YOU. I had a notion the buildup was rather slow, I liked the plot and how the scriptwriter presented all kinds of conflicts to the characters while they kept on escalating. Daniel Radcliffe owned up the role.

This is a beautiful movie . The plot being a true story takes u to another level at evrypoint in the movie , u breath with then in this . Absolutely an honorable movie . Much watch bros ! Go for it , you won’t be disappointed nor by acting neither by the plot.

I was moved by the film beyond expectation especially being an ex Robben Island prisoner. Although conditions for us black prisoners were much harsher in an unforgiving Maximum prison, I thought this production did a finely balanced act of reality in spite of the exaggerated accents and the lack of a single South African actor. A must watch prison movie with unending suspense.

Great film really enjoyed it , just cant help but wonder why he didnt use his wand or cloak of invisibility.
Seriously a very delicate topic well addressed and a very well made film with great acting .I was also wondering why it was made by Australians.

The escapees shoes resilience and persistence to come up with ways to escape. They are cautious in how the plan the whole endeavor no wonder they are not caught. One can note the differences in ideology in the way to confront the fight. One groups believes in fighting the war within the confinements of the prison walls while the other outside the prison.

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