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Dream Girl (2019) Hindi Movie best popular movie in this time.
Many people are happy watch the movie.
So i can say confidently it is very fine movie.
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Dream Girl must be the most interesting motion picture of 2019 till now.

During a time where we are without Pure Comedy motion pictures and in a period wherein a large portion of the satire films are grown-up or are unacceptable like Total Dhamaal, this motion picture is an unadulterated family performer.

The film is a laughter riot from start to finish with some excellent one liners, witty dialogues and some top notch performances from each and every character in the film.

Ayushmann as usual has once again found an unique script and looks perfect as Karam and as Call Girl ‘Pooja’.
But the maind strength of the film is the performances of the support cast; Annu Kapoor’s performance is as good as Ayushmann while Manjot Singh makes you laugh as Ayushmann’s best friend.
Vijay Raaz again is a show stealer in his short role while Nushrat also delivers in whatever small screen time she is offered.

Watch this film for it’s humour, for it’s acting performances, for it’s message.
There are some flaws in the film but there aren’t major; Vijay Raaz should have been given a bigger role in the film.

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Click to View Download Links 720p – 1.2GB


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