How to Download Shakuntala Devi Hindi Full Movie HD

How to Download Shakuntala Devi Hindi Full Movie HD

The Perfect weekend watch movie! This Family Light Comic Biopic Certainly takes You into the world of the super genius and the super Intellectual Shakuntala Devi in the most entertaining way and with her way of dealing her life in an enthusiastically stressfree manner , yet this movie indirectly has a lot more to offer its audience ; In terms of The Sacrifices The Mothers make, and just in case some of them let their dreams fulfilled , they are so easily reprimanded of their title of Motherhood !

This movie very beautifully answers this dilemma with the climax !
Also the Comic timing , the humor , the jolly light moments leave us with more cravings for her!
And esp., the relationship between Mothers and Daughters is so beautifully showcased , that you just can’t miss out on this flick !

Thank you to the content makers for bringing into light to this generation the HUMAN COMPUTER, the pride of India in Mathematics , SHAKUNTALA DEVI !!!
I BET noone would have played her Better than the gorgeously charming and versatile Vidya Balan!

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Shakuntala Devi (2020) A Review :

This biographical comedy-drama presented as a light-hearted family entertainment. Where first one & half hr played just as a music video and then in the end, half hr of emotional drama. But as a whole this soft and refreshing comedy-drama also showed us some beautiful aspects of life & taught us some valuable lessons. Which includes :
☆Value of family and relations.
☆Various aspects of leading life & explore the life to the fullest.
☆society- people and cultural aspects of the period.
☆thinking and behaviour of different people towards others from different countries & positions .
The movie was also motivational & inspiring one.
And top of everything the whole movie is about ■women empowerment, where we observes ☆identity crisis ☆feminism ☆mental crisis etc.

With all that the life of Shakuntala Devi was portrayed in a absolute dramatic manner. In this intelligent fun show Vidya Balan as Shakuntala surely quite enjoyable. And if you are Vidya fan this movie surely gonna be a treat for you. Then , Jisshu S. as Shakuntala’s husband and Sanya M. and Amit S. as Shakuntala’s daughter & son-in-law delivered quite fine performances as well.
Rest of the supporting crew was also did good work.

Musics are also did fine with the movie. And played an important part as a whole.

Well , that’s all you can surely enjoy this comedy-drama with your whole family (7-70).








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