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Movie is a fast paced comedy…the screenplay is the winner…every actor has given his best..credits to the director for this .you never get bored ..I have not seen a non stop comedy like this in years..but areas cud be improved…mahie doesn’t have much screen space though she does well… It’s manu Rishi,the kids and dadi who steal the show …highly recommended..

Doordarshan (2020) Full Movie Info

Initial release: February 28, 2020 (India)
Director: Gagan Puri
Music composed by: Meet Bros
Screenplay: Gagan Puri
Producers: Ritu Arya, Sandeep Arya

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Watched the show without any expectations, but this movie made by day !!. Outstanding comedy enjoyed by kids a lot . If the slight lag just after the second half had been avoided, this would have been much better. But my family says the film had been a nice vacation treat !!

The movie was really fabulous.The difference that is shown about the generation ages was amzaing.There was no famous star but the movie gave an great impact on the new and on the old generation.The graphic editing was great. There was a great comedy. I loved the new generation dialogues.

Doordarshan (2020) reminds us the old era of nineties when we have no option to watch any TV Channel other than Doordarshan. This movie creates the old era by reverting the clock as much as possible.

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Story: A debilitated family gets them in a debilitated condition when bedridden grandmother Darshan Kaur (Dolly Ahluwalia) wakes up from long coma after 30 years and doctor advised not to give her any kind of shock. Since, the world has entirely changed in these 30 years the family decides to push the clock back in the Doordarshan era with the help of some neighbors so that Darshan Kaur see no change in the world.

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Sad to say that we cannot watch this lond awaited beautiful movie made especially for us, in Parbhani. We are putup at Parbhani. I don’t want to watch it anywhere else as the theatres here are of the types that used to be there in Hyderabad when Doordarshan channel used to run. Mazaa aata tha agar Priti talkies is movie ko chalata hota…
After Sholay, Deewar, Doordarshan!

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