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Da 5 Bloods 2020 Full Movie Download. This is the best Vietnam war based film ever. 4 retired American GI s in the autumn of their lives return to the battlefield to find and return their captain who died in the field plus a shipment of gold. But that’s not the story as this film has lanes as it reflects back to the terrible conflicts of of being an African American GI fighting for a segregated country. Vietnam has changed but the people still suffer PTSD. Unlike previous movies the Vietcong soldiers have a human existence and feeling and the survivors of today finally gets an opportunity to Express how they feel present day. Stunning performance all round. Beautiful cinematography and classic Spike Lee direction keeps you fixed. This is how a story is told which moved me on many ways.

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Great performances from Lindo and Boseman with very effective use of historical & recent current events clips spliced in at timely moments that made the film powerful and disturbingly poignant for viewers. Besides some glaring plot holes (including the math of age of main characters if they’re Supposed to be Vietnam vets didn’t add up) 🤔 and also some very cliche predictable moments & even cheesy out of place dialog – very surprising since that these flaws are definitely not usually akin to Spike’s amazing movies. But overall I still enjoyed this movie and it definitely was powerful and had an important message but BlacKKKlansman was much more effective and better put to together in all aspects in my humble opinion and should of won best picture a few years ago. But 5 Bloods still worth your time. Peace.

Da 5 Bloods 2020 Full Movie Free Download

From the second this film starts and right up the last words spoken, Da 5 Bloods is an instant classic. It teaches, it informs, and like all Spike Lee joints, you walk away with a better understanding of what really matters from several perspectives. Each of the main four characters’ personal battles is unique yet relatable by a lot of people forced to go through similar situations. The trauma of war, drug use because war and conflicting feelings about the United States as a soldier and a Black man all play significant parts when deciphering the psyche of everyone involved. Throughout the movie, their friendship was tested consistently, and all discovered new truths about each other. Eddie (Norm Lewis), was the dealership owner with a questionable income. Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Melvin was the somewhat peacekeeper of the group.

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Otis (Clarke Peters), the medic of the group. David (Jonathan Majors), the son Paul, was used to show family relevance. That leaves Paul, played by Delroy Lindo. The standout character and besides the history lesson this film provides, Paul is what happens to most of our troops. Then there are the flashbacks involving Norman (Chadwick Boseman), the squad leader, showing how he played a pivotal role in shaping the other troops. The plot of this movie would lead you to believe it is mainly about retrieving the remains of Norman and finding the gold they hide during the Vietnam war. That is a small part of this film, but it does give reasons for the soldiers to reunite in Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, and kickstart a great story. Last note, the timing of Da 5 Bloods is perfect. They were able to incorporate past historical moments with currents issues plaguing America. That alone presents a picture of how far we haven’t gone, how much still needs to be done, and, hopefully, a future that will be worth living in for everyone.

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