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I think this film will be a blockbuster. I really admire SARA and her acting. And I think Varun and Sara will have a sizzling chemistry. I think this is going to be amazing.

First of all the movie will be remade again in same language and same script as the first one , so watching it is time waste , money waste and brain waste . Also the star cast is worst of all time.The lead actor is one who doesn’t know what is acting and I don’t want to take the name.The other is she does everything other than acting .The worst film .Coolie No. 1 2020 Full Movie.

None of us has watched the film but no one can just say that it’s the worst,the actors and actresses make a lot of effort to provide us with the best movies. Also I am sure it will be a great movie like all the movies of Varun sir.

Coolie No. 1 2020 Full Movie Download Review

Well I am gonna try to be honest here. First of all Varun is one of my Fav actor after SRK, and I love sara for her movies, her behavior with her fans..but I feel like if they are going to remake a 1995 movie which was a great script then but now it’s really old script..So my guess is that this movie is not going to be that hit, if they change the script some to you know this generation stories then maybe it will be..but if it’s the same old script then I don’t think it’s going to be that good.

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