Code M (2020) [Telugu, Tamil, Hindi] Season 1 Download

Code M (2020) [Telugu, Tamil, Hindi] Season 1 Download. Something very different from the series out there today.
And they also empower women by showing that they have the right to do what they want.
Jennifer’s character Monica is portrayed in a very natural way.

Movie Info

First episode date: January 15, 2020
Number of episodes: 8
Directed by: Akshay Choubey
Production location(s): Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Network: ALTBalaji

Code M Season 1 Download: This was a crunchy series,which while at times opting for the predictable cliched plot points, still managed to shine through overall as it had some of never seen before nuances as mature exes and a determined no- nonsense female lead.

It also showcased some hard hitting facts that even a single finger is pointed at army or police ,you are asked to go support terrorists, you are made anti-nationalist .It has become a common norm in India. When Monica tries to find the truth,she is advised to leave army as she harbors anti nationalist feelings.

Army is an institution made constituting people like us and people may get corrupt ,why are then things not viewed from a unbiased point of view. The series though a thriller, also resonates emotionally and hinges on good screenplay and some really nuanced performances.

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Whole show rests on pretty shoulders of Monica. She is the life of the show. What a apt choice. She is . She was flawless in both looks as well as acting.The punch in dialogue deliveries could have been better for few characters though….but once again for Monica this disappointment can be ignored..good plot..without getting too much into inner circles of Army..

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This is just another story that could be of any common man father and a honour killing. The army background has given a certain charm to the storyline. One of my good memories of lockdown binge watching after Special Ops. Kudos to the team! Untill last moment kept me on the edge of seat.

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It was just superb..Alt Balaji Should make more shows like this…this was totally unexpected…and so wonderful….I was not able to leave my PC for sec..that much I was stick to it…bravo…well done everyone….. superb cast…just nailed it…want the N number of seasons of code m but please don’t make it like daily soap serials just to make it last long…keep working like this..100% cast
100% story
100% sense
100% logic
100% realistic
100% class
100% presentation…
Most importantly 100% powerful message…good job… eagerly waiting for next season and many more totally excited…well done guys…u totally nailed it… amazing.

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