Choked Paisa Bolta Hai 2020 Full Movie Download

Choked Paisa Bolta Hai 2020 Full Movie Download. Lovely movie must watch, as I was also affected with the demonetization and was waiting in the bank queues begging to give me some cash and got f’d by some unscrupulous bank employees who forced me to buy some insurance policy.

The good side of demonetization was the move into paperless transactions which has excellent long term benefits for the country and it’s people.

Movie is funny and enjoyed.

Choked Paisa Bolta Hai 720p download

I see the ratings of the movie in general to be either 1 star or 5 star. Tells you more about the state of the country and the people themselves than the film on display. It is not just that films itself is trying to push a propaganda, but we as audience are trying to find propaganda in everything, even when there is not that much. A movie which shows demonetization clip in the trailer itself, and by a director you know from his twitter itself about his political drift, you know his position pretty much on the issue. However, when you watch a movie watch it as it is, don’t let outside biases affect its viewing.
Almost from time memorial filmmakers have put their ideology or thought process in their films, all great filmmakers have done that. There is nothing wrong in it as long as the film itself is good and not down in that ideology.

Choked although is a political satire, it is shown through the characters and what they face in everyday life. The film is immensely watchable and is also a take on relationsips, failure, neighbours in a society as well as a social commentary. With top notch performances from the leads as well as the supporting cast, it is a must watch !!

Don’t go by the reviews, watch it and decide for yourself.

Choked Paisa Bolta Hai 2020 Movie Download

Hell Yah.. Choked is Simply wow film. Anurag Kashyap sir hits with a dark political satire. Movie shows the unplanned demonetization and its after affects in a new way. Story is well crafted and hits in the right way and Storytelling and builds curiosity about whats next!. Roshan our mollwood gem neatly handled his character very well, Saiyami Kher’s performance was tremendous. Background music plays a key role in finding a pace that is consistent with the story. Movie backups its core subject without mentioning the good or bad. And her is yet another flick from Anurag Sir.

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