Chhapaak 2020 Full Movie Download

Chhapaak is a beautiful movie. Such movies need to be made more often. To all the people accusing of this movie of being commercial, boring, predictable and too bollywoodish, well sadly unless such movies are made and put forward this way on a larger scale, stories of such victims never really come to light. How many of us have heard or known about this courageous survivor until today? Chhapaak sheds light on such issues which need to be taken seriously and that Cinema should not only be plain entertainment but also something we can take back with us. Deepika shines here and for an actor, with such a challenging task at hand is no child’s play. The movie is a genuine attempt and showcases every element beautifully. Proud that such movies are being made and everyone should give this a watch.

Chhapaak 2020 Full Movie Download

Chapaak is a really daring and intensified take on the acid attack and the painful life of acid attack survivors in India.
Meghna Gulzar starts the movie with a protest to ban acid sale, a journalist Alka and a man fighting to ban acid.Soon, we get to know who Malti is and what happened to Malti.
The most striking fact about Meghan’s script is that It’s not only about Malti.Its not an isolated incident. Its clear that Meghna had given valient effort to understand that and add intensity and authenticity to all stories told in this film.
Meghna used non linear pattern well enough to narrate Maltis story and used properties well to convey the changes before and after attack.
Songs were good enough to intensify the scenes.
Deepika really puts up an amazing show especially in scenes when she sees her face after attack and when she faces media.Vikrant too plays his part well.His combination scene with Deepika felt a bit stretched at times .
Chapaak could have easily been a documentary on acid attack survivors, but Meghna and team really give heart and soul to the ailing stories and made them more relatable.

Chhapaak Full Movie Free Download

Chhapaak is one of the best Bollywood movies, that I’ve watched in the recent times. As always, Meghna Gulzar has managed to churn a masterpiece out of a real heart wrenching story. Chhapaak is definitely not an easy watch, I watched it yesterday and I am sure it is going to linger in my head for a few days. It makes you feel everything that Laxmi and so many other beautiful women have gone through. It makes you wonder how can a human being ruin someone’s life in an instant. The name Chhapaak symbolizes how fleeting that moment is. When you hear “Chhapaak se pehchan le gaya” in Arijit Singh’s voice, it leaves you in tears. The cast is amazing, right from Deepika Padukone to Vikrant Massey to Madhurjeet Sarghi, everyone have delivered a wonderful performance. By the end of the movie you are left with nothing but hope and prayers for a better world where women are safe and men understand consent.

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