Chennai Central – Vada Chennai 2 Full Download HD

Chennai Central – Vada Chennai 2 Full Download HD: Vada chennai is a gangster drama which has so many layers which unfolds slowly. Then there is dhanush who shows his extraordinary acting skills on every shot where he had made his appearance. Unlike most of Tamil films vada chennai gives us a powerful female character of Andrea who is mystique at the beginning and ends up giving you a adrenaline rush at the end. chennai central hindi dubbed full movie download filmywap.

Vada chennai has a script that has so many layers and characters though anbu (dhanush’s character) is the main protagonist and that doesn’t stop vetrimaaran from making characters like Rajan. The movie gives us a long list of characters who are well developed, Samuthirakani, ameer,daniel balaj, aiswarya rajeesh and kishore has done a commendable job here. vada chennai 2 movie download in tamilrockers.

Velraj, the cinematographer of vada chennai who has worked with dhanush many times once again captured every shot with absolute brilliancy. What makes vada chennai apart from other gangster dramas is the way vetrimaaran made this film. Vada chennai is a unique film that you can’t miss and a perfect start to this trilogy

Chennai Central – Vada Chennai 2 Full Download

Vetrimaaran is one of the finest New-Breed Director in Indian Cinema who attempt to create epic milestone films like Polladavan, Aadukalam and Visaranai but Vada Chennai is undoubtedly the finest masterpiece in his career. Vada Chennai is the first trilogy film in Tamil Cinema.

‘Dhanush-Vetrimaran’ duo, the most successful combination in Kollywood joined again for a cult classic gangster thriller. So far, Vetrimaaran directed only 4 films. Except Visaranai, Dhanush played the lead role in all other three films. The connect between Dhanush and Vetrimaaran really helped this film to stand out from the regular gangster flick. vada chennai 2 hd movie download isaimini.

Director Vetrimaaran started writing this script sometime in early 2000 for his debut film. Somehow it got shelved and Polladavan became his first film. However, Polladavan is just a subset and tiny part of Vada Chennai script. In my lifetime, I’ve not experienced such a raw gangster cult on screen and Vada Chennai certainly deserve. All this praise for its content, honest attempt, character sketching, casting, compromised screenplay and the list will go on and on.

vada chennai 2 movie download

The World of North Chennai was just reborn on screen and Vetrimaaran did not compromise a bit from reality to show it on big screen. Their body language, gesture, abusive language, love, fight, romance, politics, friendship, revenge etc. Was shown exactly the way they are from North Chennai. This film was ‘A’ certified not for the visual content but for the abusive language. I would not blame the director for using such non parliamentary words in this film. Because he is just trying to keep the script very close to the place where it belongs. vada chennai 2 full movie hd download.

Director did not waste anytime in establishing the plot and right from the frame one the intensity of the script was slowly injected in the minds of the audience and in the next couple of scenes. We are well aware and prepared to witness the raw life of the people from North Chennai. In my opinion, there is no other better actor in Kollywood who could replace Dhanush in this film. vada chennai 2 tamil movie free download.

Though it remind us some shades of Pudhupettai, Dhanush gave a new life for the Anbu Character. Beyond Dhanush you will also easily fall in love with other supporting characters which is the biggest strength of Vada Chennai. Aishwarya Rajesh, Andrea, Kishore, Daniel Balaji, Samudrakani, Ameer, Radha Ravi and many others.

Chennai Central – Vada Chennai 2 Full Download in Hindi

Even the small character who played for less than 10 mins run time give out their career best performance for this cult classic film. For instance, the boy who played the bro in law for Anbu steal the show in less than 5 mins. All the prisoners in jail look like real life gangster. Chennai central full movie download hd 1080p hindi.

The mastermind behind all these actors must be Vetrimaaran who explored their potential and helped them to display their natural acting ability on screen. Ameer, Kishore and Samudrakani shine on screen with their impeccable performance. Andrea shows her best side of acting in a subtle way. Aishwarya Rajesh was picture perfect for that role.

chennai central full movie download in hindi 720p: I was surprised to see her uttering such nasty bad words but that’s the way they live in North Chennai. Apart from Flawless direction and Clinical performance from actors.

Chennai Central Full Download

There are 3 units namely Art Direction, Music composition and Stunt Choreography played a critical role in this film. They deserve a special mention. Art director recreated the Puzhal Prison in this film. There is no clue for us to believe that it is just a artifitial set. Even the slum back drops and streets from North Chennai was so natural on screen. Chennai central full movie download in hindi dubbed 480p.

Also when the plot travel back and forth from 1980’s to 2000. the connectivity and inference for that period was perfectly shown on screen by the art director. Santosh Narayanan has become the background music specialist for gangster film.

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There is lot of space for him in this movie to display his skills. The fresh trumpet music gives the goosebumps feeling while watching the mass scenes.
Overall, Vada Chennai is a finest craftsmanship from Vetrimaaran, Dhanush and the entire crew. Never miss this rare classic gangster trilogy

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