Car cartoons in English – Leo the truck and street vehicles.

Come and watch Leo the truck cartoons in English about street vehicles for kids, big construction vehicles, cars and trucks for kids! Today, you will watch Leo the truck English episodes online with us. In the first car cartoon episode Leo the truck will build a helicopter to help his friend Lifty the forklift. In the second truck cartoon episode, we will build a police car for kids. In the third kids’ cartoon episode, we will learn farm vehicles and learn how to build a tractor for kids. In the last children’s cartoon episode Leo the truck will build a scissor lift. Play kids’ games and build new vehicles for kids with Leo the truck and his friends! Find all new Leo the truck full episode cartoons in English on our kids’ cartoons channel.

00:01 – Leo the truck builds a helicopter for Lifty
05:30 – Leo the truck builds a police car for kids
11:09 – Leo the truck builds a tractor for children
15:08 – Leo the truck builds a scissor lift

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