Breathe: Into the Shadows Full Series Download Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Eng Sub

Breathe: Into the Shadows Full Series Download Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Eng Sub: a great Indian web series. It is an interesting watch with concepts of psychiatry and mythology mixed in just the right proportions to make up for an intriguing watch. While Abhishek as Avinash Sabharwal (who plays a psychiatrist), has the most meaty role in the series, Amit Sadh also has an extremely important role to play as an action oriented cop who suffers from a guilt trip.

breathe movie download in Hindi: Nitya Menen who plays Abha Sabarwal (the wife of Avinash Sabharwal), does not have a very well written role but still she manages to make an impact in a small role. The other main character is Ivana Kaur who plays the cute 6 year old daughter of the Sabharwal couple. Her cute act will bring a smile to your face whenever you see her inspite of the fact that she gets kidnapped in the v beginning of the show.

Breathe Into the Shadows Full Series

While the show starts off on a great note the interest level is at its peak in the 1st 4 episodes. However the biggest drawback of the show was that it reveals the most important secret almost midway into the show. Once you get to know that secret, it simply becomes a cat and mouse game and the thrill level is lowered to a huge extent.

The show has some interesting sub plots like the camaredie among the crime branch officers is worth watching. Also the brief interations between Kabir and Meghna (the girl who gets crippled due to a mistake of Kabir).
Their soft romance has been handled very subtly and it does not go overboard.

Breathe movie download in tamil: However the chemistry between Avinash & Abha as a husband & wife who share the grief of their daughter being kidnapped, has not been handled as well. The almost detached way in which they carry out the mind numbing tasks given to them by their daughter’s kidnapper is somewhat of a letdown.
However overall it’s a good web series with good thrills, however the timing of the big secret reveal is not correct. That dampens the spirit to an extent.

Honestly the series kept me hooked till the end .Initially it begins as a whodunnit and then gradually shifts to whydunnit. There are some loopholes such as the lengthy runtime-couldhave been completed in 10 episodes easily-it would have made the screenplay more crisper. The revelation that is made at the end of 5th episode could have been shown later too.

Breathe movie download in English: That would have probably made the series more exciting as to guess who might be the kidnapper ! Junior bachchan has outperformed himself in every possible way. The other supporting cast is perfectly apt in this series be it Amit or Nithya or Saimi Kher. Expecting a season 2 as the series ended abruptly with an open ending with many assumptions.

“Breathe” was excellent. But this second installment of Breathe is not upto the mark as the first one. The first was a to-the-point, crisp story and Madhavan stole the show away. But in the in the second season, Amit Sadh is the show stealer, his perfect sculpted body in his opening scene is just so awesome. This one was a little dragged and somewhere seemed to have lost the plot.

The story swings so much between the present and the past in the second half that you lose your interest in it . I think Madhavan should have been considered to play the role portrayed by Abishek Bachchan or maybe any other actor. Abhishek semed good as a father, but it was just too much for him portraying a father, psychiatrist and the third role. The acting of the three murder victims, were just awesome they did justify their role. And the presence of Prakash Kamble is just pleasing to your mind with his comical acts.

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