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This was one of the best thriller movies I’ve seen in a very long time. And it also sheds light on corruption within police departments. This movie is a must see. This movie is on time for the present day situation. It is entertaining and thought provoking. We see today that greater works can occur following the death of the good and the ill deeds of the wicked. After all what is Supernatural.

Bod Cam Full Movie Review 2020

Very good quarantine watch. Good production and Mary was great! This movie couldn’t have come out at a better time. I enjoyed the movie completely. Mary did a pretty good job acting in the film. Surprise it went straight to dvd. I think it could have did decently in the movie theaters.

i liked it overall. i really enjoyed the plot as it kept me in suspense for most of the movie. on certain parts i kept rewinding to make sure i saw what i thought i saw. i know mjb was on the night shift but there was almost no daylight whatsoever.

it was filmed in my hometown so i would have liked to have reminisced (get it …mjb song?) on some of my old stomping grounds. i spent many a nights walking those areas. maryj did an excellent job as the lead and her compassion and motherly ways came through several times. the acting was good from everybody. a good watch.

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Great new horror, has conviction behind it which makes it admirable. Reminds me very much of the”Fallen” film with Denzel Washington; loads of atmospheric nightime city scenes with rain. Mary J Blige is fantastic in this & a great lead heroine. Among the best new films I’ve seen! Cast & crew should be proud.

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I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! It reveals the truth in America which is Black kids/men get killed every day. This movie is demonstrating horror. Us as a black community is horrified every time we have to encounter with a cop. How they try to cover up everything that happens.

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The thriller of what is going to happen next in this movie. The climax of these cops finally pay for what they did. If a black cop do something or just a black person period to a white person we catch the fault. we are penalized. if a white person did the same thing it’s turn the other cheek, brushed under the rug. A lot of people want this movie to flop, you need to watch it twice. If you are not Black or grew up in a community you will not understand that we need justice. I’m giving it 5 stars, thank you for making this movie.

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