Black Widow Movie 2020 Trailer, Release Date and Cast

Black Widow Movie 2020 Trailer Link . Release Date May 1, 2020 (United States). Cast 1, Scarlett Johansson . 2, Florence Pugh. 3, David Harbour. and more . Black Widow is a hollywood (American) superhero film.

Black Widow Movie Release Date

Release dateMay 1, 2020 (United States)

I’m so excited for this movie. Everyone talks about how this movie should’ve been released in phase one. I agree, but they wouldn’t have done her character justice and would’ve serialized her way too much

We all wanted this years ago and logically it should’ve released years ago with what happend to the character in endgame but marvel knows what they’re doing. We’ll all see why they did it this way when it releases

The random trailer drop was an interesting tactic. I was so shocked the trailer was released I think the adrenaline helped boost my opinion of the movie. It reminded me of Winter Soldier which is one of my favorites. And the music choice was perfect!

I’m glad black widow is finally getting a movie.

I really hope this is the first of more stand alone movies for Scarlett Johansson as widow. I understand the sacrifice angle for end game, but I hope they bring her back. Beautiful thing about comics is no one is ever truly gone.

I’m glad they are finally making a movie focused on black widow because she too live for them to not make her a movie and show her full back story . It feels weird being excited for just a trailer. dammit they need to drop the second one ASAP

About Black Widow – Official Trailer

Black Widow Movie 2020 Trailer

I can’t wait for the “Black Widow” movie to come out!!! I think it it will be a great standalone movie, I just wish they had done one before. I am happy the 2nd ad comes out on my birthday!!! Keri . Just went to the movies, and saw the first Black Widow trailer. Can’t wait till May 2020 for this one.

I have no doubt that this will reach 1 billion since her death . fans just want to see her again, i’m also hoping we see at least a cameo scene from Hawkeye for a bit more background on their meeting. he was supposed to kill her originally, i’d like to see that played out. In any case. i’m pumped for more BW! Show us Budapest too lol

If this film is anything like what I’ve been hearing (a cross between “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “John Wick”, and “Furious 7”) then I think Marvel fans are in for an epic action flick. . Wow they just released the first trailer at the beginning of this month expect atleast 2 months after the first trailer to get the second trailer.

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I can’t wait for the start of phase 4. It’s very cool Marvel will start phase 4 with a prequel for a character that has been long overdue for their own solo film.

In doing so give us fans a few new characters; Taskmaster, Red Guardian, Black Widow sister, Etc… Not only am I excited about Scarlett Johansson back as Black Widow, but I really want to see Hopper as Red Guardian.

Movie will definitely break $1billion. It’s literally the most viewed trailer for a 2020 movie so far. And it’s Black Widow. Like literally everyone’s seen the avengers and know her. I’m so excited

I wasn’t super impressed by the first trailer but it did get me excited. I’ve been looking forward to this movie forever and I look forward to the new trailer. I agree with what you think about their marketing for the movie btw

I really am excited for the black widow movie as the movie is a spy thriller and is going to be the first of many unique and different type of movies like horror and the supernatural like blade or the mystery genre

Black Widow Movie 2020 Cast

1, Scarlett Johansson

2, Florence Pugh

3, David Harbour

4, Rachel Weisz

5, Robert Downey Jr. 

 6, Olivier Richters

7, O.T. Fagbenle

8, Ray Winstone

9, William Hurt

The cast is on point with science

stunning battle scenes were appeared in the board lastly an independent history for Natasha following 10 years? I’m so energized for this motion picture!!! Scarlett absolutely merits a major improvement for her character, it’s about damn time

the cast appears as though they are functioning admirably together.

I actually cheerful for Scarlett and the entire team cuz I’ve been sitting tight for a dark widow solo film and they look content with one another while doing the meeting.

This is going to be one of the best casts because they already have such a good friendship. I can’t wait to see more interviews from the

Wait. Post Civil War? What??? I didn’t know that. I thought it’s gonna be like before Iron Man 1. like just a prequel in some way. couldn’t wait for this movie . now I can’t wait even more. This sounds so amazing!

Robert Downey jr is part of the cast it’s on google btw check it iron man is in the film.

Black Widow Movie 2020 Trailer, Release Date and Cast


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