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The teaser of the Bangladeshi director’s movie ‘Commando’ has been released.
I don’t watch movies, I don’t keep news, but since I’m in the online world, my forehead frowned when I saw the screenshot of the movie teaser. The movie seems to be part of a multi-pronged conspiracy against Islam around the world.

India and the film makers of this country have insulted Islam and Muslims by making beards, hats, jubbas, handkerchiefs, surmas, razakars, scoundrels and characterless people. New attachment, it will be the subject, not the character! Tactically this is the subject of Bengali cinema. The movie is said to be world class.
See the 1st picture. Kalema emblazoned flag, symbol of AK-47 at the bottom of the flag. The so-called terrorists are coming out with weapons from behind the flag.
Look at the 2nd picture. Arabic writing on four sides. This part of the teaser shows the alleged terrorists wearing Sunnat dress and chanting “Naraye Takbir” and “Allahu Akbar”.
“Nayak Dev” will fight to defeat the Kalemadharis in this movie. In this movie, Nayak Dev has appeared to suppress Islamic militancy. And black inlaid flags have been used as a symbol of the militants. Islam is clearly being demonized here.

Islam has become a villain. Which is an obvious insult to religion. Islam is never a militant religion, at the same time in the name of religion there is not only extremism and militancy in Islam, there is in all religions, then why only use the flag of Islam and Kalima in the movie?

Bengali Film COMMANDO

Where did the director get this challenge? Drama movies already have bad beards, rapists, scoundrels, beards, hats, antimony. In our silence now the villain character is showing the courage to use direct blackness.
Remember that militancy has nothing to do with Islam. Even a real Muslim militant can’t be in favor of Trasher. But the believers cannot even hand over the flag of Kalema to anyone by tagging it as militant. Making a crucifixion movie about the recent terrorist attack in New Zealand, blaming the Christian community, making Dev and Schwarzenegger the protagonists.

Another spell is about the killing of millions of Muslims by extremists in Rakhine and neighboring countries. Why didn’t they catch my eye even though they happened so close? Hypocrisy is not all about Islam and Sunnat dress.
Quickly stop these devilish trades on purpose. Otherwise, if the atmosphere of peace is ruined, the cinema authorities will not be able to avoid responsibility.


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