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Becoming 2020 Full Movie Download. ‘Becoming’ is one of the good reads I came across recently and its an outstanding Autobiography.

Book is fairly divided into sections, first one being ‘Becoming me’ which is about Michelle’s childhood, her thoughts and magnificent description of America in those times. It puts light on some of the very important aspects like Racism and societal norms in those times in American suburbs.

Becoming 2020 Film Review

Second Section is about ‘Becoming us’ which takes the audience close to her relationship with Barack Obama. The way she describes him makes the reader fall in love with Barack.

Last section is about ‘Becoming More’ which shares insights on how political life affects them as a family, their stupendous contributions towards society, elections and much more. As a reader its a treat to know more about Barack and also many unknown people who helped Obamas shape something which was bigger than themselves, their objectives and Politics.
Michelle doesn’t fail to give credit to all of them though out the book.

This book is a brainwave which tells how normal these people are and how deeply they felt about social causes and interpersonal relationships.
Michelle Obama take a bow.

Becoming 2020 Full Movie Free Download

Becoming is a refreshing, reflective piece that has been written in such a way that you both at once get a full sense of who the author is, whilst also appreciating a strong sense of personal responsibility as the reader. Mrs. Obama does a splendid job of taking the reader through each crucial stage of her life, each word coming full circle at some point throughout the memoir. There are parts where one will laugh, and others where a distinct sombre sense prevails. She’s candid, honest, and open about how she feels and you can’t help but feel as though you might have been a fly on the wall of her life all along. A masterclass in autobiographical writing.

I have just finished reading “Becoming” and I have so much respect and admiration for this amazing lady. I was a huge fan of both herself and her husband Barack when they became President and First Lady and what they did the utmost to achieve, during their two terms. They have two beautiful daughters who are also a credit to them both. It has to be said that they are a dedicated team and not one scandal came from that White House during their two terms. Why? Because they are both very grounded,grateful,caring/genuine people and only interested in how they, in their positions, can help their country and its citizens. They speak from their own experiences and from their hearts and you can feel it. I hope more people read this book as it is inspiring.

Becoming 2020 Full Movie

Absolutely love it. I decided to order on Audible and I just had knee surgery and its been very smoothing to listen to her, as she narrates herself, I’m finding I fall asleep to her story telling and then wake up to back it up and listen to what I missed. Thank you so much Michelle Obama for your lovely history of your life and experiences. I can relate to many experiences including growing up with family musicians. I’ve yet to come across a tub made of gems 🙂 You are a Gem and I have always admired you. Thank you again for helping me after my surgery.

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