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This movie was brilliant with special effects and fantastic acting coming from every part of this film. The upcoming actress Lara McDonnell shows great emotion and acting whilst laying her role completely binding together this whole movie.One of the best upcoming actresses of her time after playing a brilliant role in the infamous musical Matilda in London. She has really shown us through this movie the true potential that is really shining through this brilliant film. Ferdia Shaw, a young actor who has proven himself a brilliant Artemis Fowl with witty lines, a smug characteristic and brilliant acting throughout.

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The books are absolutely amazing, and while the film may not be exactly what everyone wanted to see as an Artemis Fowl movie, it appears to me that Disney got as close as they could to making a family friendly movie about a criminal mastermind. The book is, of course, better and makes a whole lot more sense, but when you see the movie from Disney’s perspective, there isn’t a whole lot more they could have done. Using Mulch as a narrator was a bit odd, however, and that remains my only real complaint with the movie.

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It is a family friendly, blood-free, and morally clear retelling of the Artemis Fowl story, and at this it does an excellent job. It also readily paves the way for a sequel which has a high probability of being much much better. Overall, this movie could have been a whole lot worse than it is, and in my mind stands as one of the better movies developed from a young adult book series. Honestly, besides Mulch, the biggest problem with the movie is simply that it isn’t a book. The entire appeal of the Artemis Fowl book series was the fact that with Artemis as the narrator, we could see his thoughts and hear his commentary.

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A movie can’t really do that. This is why the movie flopped. It wasn’t because it was a bad adaption, it was because it wasn’t a book. If the same plot had been written out, it would fit in perfectly to the Artemis Fowl style. But, it’s a movie, and people need to start thinking of it as a movie. If they had done a flawless adaptation, it would actually be much worse than it is. Artemis himself would basically be reduced to an almost useless character, and Butler would probably be more easily seen as the film’s protagonist. The commentary is what made the books what they are, and the lack of commentary is what made the movie so apparently bad. Our two options for Artemis were either a morally good teen superhero character, or a cardboard box, and I for one, am glad that we got the former.

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