AK Vs AK Full Movie Download & Watch HD Available – Netflix, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Tamilrockers

AK Vs AK Full Movie Download & Watch HD Available – Netflix, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Tamilrockers

AK Vs AK Full Movie Download HD: Nice concept. Anil Kapoor’s acting is inspiring… Anurag Kashyap’s acting is a little dry (but not bad). Well thought-out ending. Favourite scene (Harshvardhan Kapoor’s hilarious scene with Anurag, Interview scene, Anil Kapoor gets hit by a car scene)
Some parts are a little slow but overall it’s nice movie.

Full Details AK Vs AK Movie

Initial release: December 24, 2020 (India)

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Distributed by: Netflix

2020 continues to surprise us in bizzare manner. But this time, Bizarre is also fun..
Fun to watch and think afterwards that a few Indian Film makers are still on course of creating worldclass uniqueness through their art. AK vs AK, is not a film, not a documentary, not an act but a supremely chaotic parody which takes on the Artist vs Aristocracy rumble of Bollywood in “Pseudo-Mocumentary” style..

I am sorry to use these bombastic words but I can’t help it. I can bet all my filmygyaan that no Indian has ever witnessed an Indian film or whatever. It is with this pattern of story telling. It’s an extremely dark but satisfying comedy which most of the time confuses you what is real and what is fake.
I don’t wanna spoil the story for you all but I definitely suggest to try this one out once.

AK Vs AK Full Movie Download

The veteran “Superstar” Anil Kapoor and the king of “Dark” films, Anurag Kashyap with the directorial touch of Vikramaditya “Wasseypur” Motwane has created something that really suits the way 2020 is going, Chaos at it’s best..!! This Black but White Comedy deserves audience.

Netflix – AK Vs AK Full Movie Download & Watch HD Available

Watched “AK vs AK aka “Anil kapoor vs Anurag kashyap”😍😍😍….extraordinary experimental story with some extraordinary making and phenomenal performances 😍..if u are an Anil Kapoor /anurag kashyap fan it would be the best treat that u can get ..such is the roller coaster ride they provide .its like the perfomance is like a race from the two to rank top😄..

This is where audience like me feels like yes Bollywood cinemas are on safe hands 😍 ..that climax portion is something I will remember my entire life as I have never seen such a heroism/antagonism from anil Kapoor till now and I enjoyed it thoroughly with goosebumps 😍…anurag kashyap really proves that he is much better of an actor as well..take a bravo bravo the director and writer for this experimental masterpiece 😍..

I’m sure that even the normal audience will enjoy it thoroughly as it has emotions,thrills,betrayal and every thing thats required for a fine thriller..and the backdrop of bollywood heavyweights creates a double impact for the strong script…and I just loved yogita who did her character quite with ease and banging 😍..totally if u want to watch an ultimate entertainer AK vs AK is here to riddle and cuddle you 😍.

Filmyzilla Available – AK Vs AK Full Movie Download & Watch HD

Anything can’t be better than this for Ak and Ak. Specially Anil Kapoor did an excellent job, he just want to prove his acting skills and did much better than he expected. Anurag Kashyap is still a natural director no one can beat him. Must watch for a movie lovers who expects a different bollywood movies.

AK Vs AK Full Movie Download & Watch HD Available – Tamilrockers

No matter what other say just watch this once, it is a great attempt of clever story telling. I really salute whoever was behind this movie. Story, direction, editing, dialogs, camera… and most of all Acting from both AK is of utmost quality.

This film takes Anil Kapoor acting to a different level and I don’t think any one can do this convincingly by any other actor in Bollywood. Story around the real characters and even if you know it’s just a plot and convincing the audience by acting it to real in reel is another level where no one reached before in other word Extraordinary.

After a long time I felt this is one of the movie which will be stuck in mind for very long time. Exploiting real emotions! even though you know that this is not even remotely possible to happen to a actor and making you believe the same with extra ordinary acting is next level of art. I am in love with this experiment and looking forward for many more!!!

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We want to go to different restaurants since we are bored from regular monotony. This film, though might not have a very tight script and maybe a bit long and at someplace not correct, is an honest attempt to make something different. 2 hours to watch this film is not a waste of time, its an experience.

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Absolute kicker of a film and one of the most inspired pieces of work within modern Indian cinema. While it excels in terms of the humour and simply raw, captivating energy of the narrative. It succeeds in creating an interesting commentary onto fame in all it’s forms, where past films have ever so slightly fallen short. One of only the handful of films that have actually brought out some innate joy in me this wretched year.

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