Aarya – Arya ( Hindi, Telugu) Full Web Series All Episodes HD Download Link

Aarya ( Hindi, Telugu) Full Web Series All Episodes HD Download Link: Terrific, mindblowing and awesome. When you have a vision about the working of business class in India, you gotta have your own theories. Must watch and quite easy to understand and the way the actors portrayed their character is just awesome.

Sushmita sen is a good actress and good to see mr chandrachur singh back and the ending was sad and the song ‘bade acche lagte hain’ in the end touched my soul. Beautifully directed and good storyline. Sikander kher was awesome and he can be used very well in the movies.

The family spends just a few good moments only in the first episode then from their the the test of sushmita sen starts where she carries forward her husband’s business. Love this series and eagerly waiting for season 2.

Web Series

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First episode date: June 19, 2020
Created by: Ram Madhvani
Production location(s): India
Distributor: Star India
Genres: Crime film, Drama

Positives of the series

  1. The story
  2. The cinematography
  3. The performances

Negatives of the series (becuase of which I deducted 1.5 stars)

  1. Physiotherapists are not considered as doctors in this series. Really? Physiotherapists are not doctors?
  2. The tracks that are unnecessarily streched

A. Arundhati falling in love with her mother’s sister’s husband, it gets very irritating.

B. Veer falling in love with a bartender, though it gets better towards the end, but still it’s very much streched.

The story is a little slow-paced but picks pace by the end of the 2nd episode. From there, the series keeps you hooked Till the last episode.

The direction is very good but not outstanding, that word goes to the cinematographer. The editor has done an average job, some scenes are not required and could have been removed.

Coming to the performances, Sushmita Sen is outstanding and looks dashing throughout the series, she looks very pretty and has made a powerful comeback. She’s outstanding in the scenes with the Police.

Namit Das is wonderful, he’s the best of the supporting characters in the series. Ankur bhatia gets minimal scope. Chandrachur Singh is hardly there, it would not be wrong to say his role as an extended special appearance, but still his name comes after Sushmita Sen in the credits, didn’t the makers knew that he had a very little role?. Sikander Kher looks jaded. Manish Choudhary is exceptional.

Final verdict- A brilliant series that keeps you hooked and guessing at the same time till the end.

Aarya – Arya web series download telegram link

An awesome series with gripping twist and turn of events, will always keep you on edge of seat wondering what next will happen.
You will easily strike chord with each of the leading characters and will develop a feeling and care for them.
Sushmita Sen’s come back after a long hiteous is as good as it could have been. Chandrachur Singh in his small roles really shines.
Good luck in trying to hold your tears back by end of episode one. Never in recent past, have I witnessed a tragic event shown either in a movie or in a tv series portrayed so subtly.
The family love/hatred, teenage romance, infatuation, trust, backstabbing, obedience, loyalty are portrayed beautifully in this narcotic infused thriller.

Please don’t believe the 1-star ratings given in this series. Whatever genre you are fan of, you will get a hint of that in this series and you will love it.

Now coming back to the PHYSIOTHERAPIST providing 1-star ratings, you guys need to be a sport and stop your baby-wailing and crying.
The One line where physios are compared with compounders is said by a women to another who has taken her husband from her. She has demeaned her upbringing, attire, culinary skills, makeup, and of course her profession(for which you guys are so pissed) in fit of rage and jealousy towards her.
Also, there have been countless movies where professions like Police, Lawyers, Politicians, Business persons, Teachers, Actors and Doctors (Physicians in your case) are demeaned throughout the movie.
So just a single line based on the above mentioned circumstance certainly do not warrant such unkind take over such a beautiful series.

Aarya – Arya web series download all episodes

Aarya (Sushmita Sen) is a carefree woman who lives happily with her husband Tej ( Chandrachur Singh), and three children, Veer, Arundhati and Aditya. Tej runs his father-in-law’s illegal business along with his friend jawahar (Namit Das) and his brother in law Sangram (Ankur Bhatia).

Sangram steals three bags full of heroin worth 300 crores from their rival Shekhawat ( Manish Choudhary) and plans to get rich along with Tej and Jawahar by selling those drugs to another party. Tej refuses, while Jawahar promises Sangram that he will convince Tej.

Aarya – Arya ( Hindi, Telugu) Full Web Series All Episodes HD Download Link

So Aarya’s world suddenly turns upside down when one morning Tej is shot by a mysterious figure and the three bags of heroin go missing. With Shekhawat and the police after her family, Aarya sets out to find the truth and save her family. Will she be able to do so? Watch the series to find out

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