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Aarya 2020 Full Movie Download. It was great. Sushmita Sen did an outstanding job.The whole series revolves around her. The all characters are so well fleshed out and brilliantly portrayed by the entire cast. This web show kept us guessing till the last moment. Aarya is a spectacular display of performance screen play, direction and casting. However the plot is a bit unnecessarily stretch and one might find it offending that they don’t consider physiotherapist as doctors. Overall it was worth watching.

Aarya Full Movie Download in Hindi HD

This web series is very good in terms of how a family is ruined by greed and unethical business ethics. Sushmitha’s character as a MOM of grown up kids is awesome, which many mothers should learn how to behave and conduct with grown up kids.. She has very cordial and close relationship with all and particular with her husband it was superb.

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Both the children share with MOM and she treats them with lots of understanding and respect. The scene of kissing and smoking by young ones could have been avoided as well as the intimate scene of Oldman with young girl could have been avoided. More liquor and Smoking by many women..But the lead character Aarya does not smoke or drink is very good depiction. Request to cut down the kissing scenes and intimate scenes to reach more of the family audience living rooms.

Aarya Full Movie in Telugu With English Subtitles

Finally a show which doesn’t have vulgar language, and violent sex scenes or any indecency on screen. Sushmita Sen lives up to expectations. We wanted exactly like this from her and she delivered it very neatly and lives up to her reputation.

Coming to the series , everyone gave a brilliant performance. The brother, cop, don, father…everyones role is neatly choreographed with no loose ends.

Aarya 2020 Full Movie Download Review

Chandrachur has delivered a good performance. It’s nice to see him after a long time on screen. I loved the way they unfolded the whole story perfectly. You cannot guess the mystery till the end. It has a very strong storyline of love, lust, family, friendship and betrayal. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The only negative feedback which I could point out was they dragged it too much when it came to grieving. It’s kind of boring and stereotype.

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