Aakasha Ganga (akashaganga) 2 Malayalam Full Movie Free download Tamilrockers

Aakasha Ganga (akashaganga) 2 Malayalam Full Movie Free download Tamilrockers: Good sequel bringing back memories of old Aakashaganga. Mr. Vinayan has tried to convince people still Black magic and ghost exists which is superior than science. Excellent acting by Veena. some of the Climax scenes has a little resemblance to Manichitrathazhu film.
Anyways watchable movie. This is only my opinion.

Aakasha Ganga (akashaganga) 2 Movie download

Akasha Ganga — A 1999 Released Blockbuster horror Thriller Movie …. After Years back the second part Were released recently….. It got mixed reviews from everywhere itself… We All Were Well-Knewing the movie cannot reached either comparing with the first part…. Mostly Saying that the climax were not good to seen…..

Aakasha ganga 2 full movie download tamilrockers: It is the negative side of the Movie , Ramya Krishnan was doing her role much More impressive , but at last she can’t maintain her role deeply , there’s no importance were having her presence in climax sequence were came on….

Aakasha ganga 2 malayalam full movie free download: That may be the movie were not seeing good enough…. Only one time watchable , Other casts were doing their roles tremendously…. Comparing with the first part of Akasha Ganga , Akasha Ganga 2 cannot reached and there’s no importance were having In Ramya Krishnan’s Role till the end of the movie itself……

Using Graphics , DTS Sound Effects were really good and Actress Mayoori was nice to seen again In Akasha Ganga 2…. Interval Combination Scene Mayoori and Arathy Was so interesting and it may be the plus point of the movie much More impressive through the Audience itself……

Akashaganga 2 full movie free download

The movie was okay as per my opinion. We cannot compare Aakashaganga 2 with any international horror movies. But i watched the movie by accepting it as a malayalam horror movie. Aakashaganga 1 was a massive hit and i had watched that movie when i was a kid. What i liked about Aakashaganga 2 is that it connects us well to the first film and for me it did take my memories and emotions back to the child in me who was mesmerized and scared by Aakashaganga.

I would say that the vfx or graphics were not upto the mark. But the story is good. And its true that compared to 1999, our mindset and concepts about movies have changed alot. May be if we see this movie as a simlple sequel we might like it. There is nothing offensive in this movie. Everything has to change with time…aakasha ganga 2 full movie download cinemavilla.

Its good that director Vinayan didnt change the ghost or the concept or theme. He have tried to bring forth various black magic concepts which was quite convincing.

The vfx was the failing part. The movie also makes Akashaganga one of the legendary negative entity of malayalam cinema. Its neither a psychological horror movie nor a part of any conjuring franchise… its a simple horror comedy entertainer.. This is my personal opinion and i dont wish to offend anyone by this post.

Aakasha Ganga (akashaganga) 2 Malayalam Full Movie Free download Tamilrockers Link

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