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365 Days 2020 Full Movie Download. This was actually a pretty good movie! I watched it with my girlfriend and she loved as well. I honestly thought that w/ her being a feminist she would not take to kindly to it but she actually enjoyed everything about( I think she enjoys the Fantasy more than anything). Parents do not let your kids watch this movie because it is only for grown adults. Outside of the very intense sex scene, (Which were very real in my opinion) the writer of this movie did build a beautiful romance through 2 unlikely individual that would never meet on this level in a perfect world.

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I would love to see this turn into a series of movies. Because I’m curious to know what happened at the end and if Laura truly dies or not. An if she isn’t died then I want to know why there was a attempt to take her life. So much better than 50 shades by far.Some of these reviews are telling me that I think sadly they just didnt get what was really the whole story behind it, who wouldn’t want someone that adored you and yet drove you mad at the same time, it was totally mutual feelings with cat and mouse tactics. You even saw how really drab her life was before she was with this gorgeous manly man.

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Loved the movie beautifully structured and portrayed. It gave me a nostalgic feeling that is more or less like love at first sight. This movie clearly defines how you cannot control a person to fall in love with you but surely you can respect,protect and give them the time to clear their head making them falling in love with you in the end through your actions by proving the sanity of your intentions. The movie and roles are irreplaceable and can’t be compared to any other movie. Music is just fabulous especially the tracks feel it, dark room and watch me burn It’s about seeing soul to soul and eye to eye that’s it. Hoping for part 2 can’t wait. Found it better than fifty shades of grey for sure especially the plot and chemistry the two actors share.

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I thought it was one of the great fantasy story, that had romance sex and love. Where 2 souls were truly met for one another ,the chemistry these 2 actors displayed were awesome!! They both had such intensity!! One that has to have a follow up series would even be AWESOME, that was one of those endings that had to be continued..and hopefully definitely have Laura survive ,after all she’s carrying his baby!! It’s got so much passion and intensity between these awesome actors.

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I loved the movie , it was very erotic and had an amazing powerful structure about it . It is nice to see both actors being so strong in character and honestly the story line is very simple but the way the characters portray the roles this makes the plot stand out . Sometimes I love watching movies with a twist , with drama , with violence , with suspense and crime especially but seeing this is refreshing . Many people in life do not have an open mind into movie vision , it is nice to see passion like this .

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After watching this , Massimo the lead actor is superb and so powerful in every way his words are divine and drives a force thru your mind the way he says it . Massimo makes Christian Grey in Fifty Shades look like a school boy with no experience at all . OMG love this guy and I loved the actress gorgeous as ever she was . I hope they have another sequel to it , it seems they will because things have to move on with the families fighting each other . Also Laura is not dead probably missing or kidnapped . Time will tell , right folks . Love it overall always in life different is a good thing , it gives us all variation which we need .

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