Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম বাংলা সাবটাইটেল 2022

Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম was a pure labor of passion and a 100% directorial venture of Lokesh so far in his filmography. Screenplay whereas in Vikram we see a husband trying to save his wife, a grandfather trying to save his grandson, drug lord trying to save his empire but these were handled with a subtle note in such a way Bangla Subtitle Vikram didn’t spoil the thriller that was unfolding in front of us. Some brilliant screenplay out here.

Vikram Bangla Subtitle is the best action film made in India with the best class making. it is perfectly balanced as 33% for each only kamal sir will allow this kind of space for a film where he is also the producer.

Fahad is the showrunner and kamal sir is the show stealer VJs is the perfect immoral and merciless character who is totally different from his previous works as Lokesh said the one thing which i found so special is he never opens his mouth while talking which is usually his strength his drug background costumes and presences was purely a homage to Pablo Escobar which also is proven by a track from the series.

Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম

Coming to the technical side everything was top-notch Girish and the mocobot part lokesh mentioned was stunning for the action and also the music as always I don’t wanna praise ani here i can without a doubt say this is his carrier best score for sure. He has elevated Lokesh scenes to sky level.

The first time Vikram Bangla Subtitle film had a special card for action anbarivu it totally deserves this is the first an anbarivu film then others take they stand at the top even constrained action sequences in a small room were perfectly choreographed with so much detailing. The interval sequence is the best interval of Kollywood is what my point is am never ready to change it I strongly say this.

Philo’s cuts never gave us the duration fatigue and sathees artwork was never evident everything felt real is what his victory here. Agent Tina was a shocking surprise and going to be the interview figure for days to come & Santhana. Bharathi sir and kamal sir were not characters they were just themself which will surely bring a small smile to our faces.

Now to our nayagan after 3 and half years watching this man on the screen was pure adrenaline pumping wow can’t describe what he has done to this fanboy tribute to a guru kamal sir very clearly has understood what Lokesh is trying to do and gave him the full control Vikram Bangla Subtitle will be a slipper shot for everyone who said kamal sir ghost directed the film for cheap publicity we can say he is a ghost but not in direction this line will be understood by the people who watched the film.

Just go witness our kollywoods lions roar and finally I wanna end with the multiverse thing wow Lokesh has just bought his world here like a stream of running water which never even a single second felt dumped. Surya’s cameo added something else to the Vikram Bangla Subtitle film I don’t wanna spoil anything about it. Of all the above-mentioned groups of people, this was at last “A LOKESH KANAGARAJ FILM”


Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম was perfect! The trio was blazing (Fahadh, VJS and definitely Ulaganayagan). I am not a Kamal fan but I like his movies, but this one just made me his new biggest fan! Kamal had pretty less screen time compared to the other two but managed to give a huge impact in just the second half alone.

Fahadh’s acting was strong as a pillar. The way he carried himself, his speaking style, and overall his performance had just grown him a fanbase not only in Tamil Nadu but the entire world! VJS was magic on the screens. He just lived his role and gave us full satisfaction. Even though Santhanam was not as mass as Bhavani absolutely loved him for his ruthlessness, style, and villainess! Surya was on a different level by throwing an absolute over-the-roof performance in that short period of time considering he was out of his ‘hero zone’. Anirudh just ROCKed the STARs moments on screen.

The music was feeding the emotion for each and every scene, an absolute magician. Girish was just amazing especially the fight scenes during the intermission and climax. Not to forget the stunt brothers, Anbariv was just adding fuel to the fire at every fight and also the violence was amazingly intense making us jump off our seats! And our LCU founder was just insane!

Lokesh managed to hold us for 3 hours and just made us go on an action roller-coaster! Of course, the ending just had so many possible storylines for the next film in the universe be it Rolex vs Vikram/Dilli or the future Vikram Jr it was just a masterpiece! Previously my favorite movie was KGF Chapter 2 but now the ghost sits on the top! Make sure to watch Vikram Bangla Subtitle in theatres for the full experience and I guarantee you will fall in love with this and can’t wait for the next one from Lokesh!

Bangla Subtitle Vikram – বিক্রম

Superb Acting…Movie made for Masses

Kamal Hassan what an actor… by god Vijay Sethupathi my absolute all-time favorite what a look you carry and Fahad class actor

The supporting cast is super as well

Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম didn’t bore even a second My personal favorite thing was Vijay sethupati’s entry and the cute mature love story between Fahad and his wife in the movie..and one loo bomb scene…i was like whattt theeee helll and booom superb scenes…Kamal Hassan holds the script so a tight well packed bag is also good. direction is class as well..Kamal Hassan, Vijay Sethupathi & Fahadh fassil have blasted on screen.

If that wasn’t enough Suriya added the additional heat in the climax. What a movie. Lokesh Kanakraj is a master craftsman…Guys pls don’t miss watching Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম বাংলা সাবটাইটেল 2022 movie in theaters. It’s a different experience in theaters.

Guys, definitely you will enjoy the action scenes & BGM. It will be a pan India movie. Go & watch it in theaters Lokesh lived up to the Expectations A must-watch Movie.. Kamal Hassan is just unbelievable Fahad Fazil is getting better after every film Vijay.  Surya just rocked it in 10 minutes.. waiting for the next part..Cracker of entertainment! The stellar cast and perfect writing make this action thriller enjoyable. Worth a watch

Vikram Bangla Subtitle is nothing new Screenplay is the hero and the way the director tried to connect his other movie is commendable hope the sequel will give us all a proper idea as to why he connected that movie to this After watching Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম বাংলা সাবটাইটেল 2022 movie, I felt that all this while the directors did not properly make use of Kamal sir’s potential and star power but his fanboy Lokesh has pulled it off exceptionally well. And Kamal Hassan sir has proved that “Once a Lion, Always a Lion”

and the icing on the cake is Suriya’s climax is like DHONI’s SIX.
Good innings from Sachin, Sehwag, Kohli, Gambhir, Rohit, Yuvraj, and Dhoni come and hit sixes at the end.

This is not a BlockBuster”
“It’s a Kamal Buster”
“It’s a Sethupathi Buster”
“It’s a Loki Buster”

Pushpa, RRR, Kgf 2, and now Vikram…

A class apart

watch it out now

Amir Khan: I am Mr. perfectionist
Kamal Hassan: hold my gun.

Bollywood destroyed by South Indian Movies.. the end of Bollywood Era Rip.

Prithviraj Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম বাংলা সাবটাইটেল 2022 movie is a joke in front of this….they changed the history climax everything what a shame

After kgf = ta na re na re
After vikram= once upon a time there lived a ghost

Four Legends In One Frame Lokesh kanagaraj = Indian Zack Snyder.

Cheers for talented writers and directors getting absolute freedom to make whatever they want, however they want


বিক্রম মুভিটির বাংলা সাবটাইটেল (Vikram Bangla Subtitle) বানিয়েছেন নূরুল্লাহ মাশহুর & তানভীর হোসেন। বিক্রম মুভিটি পরিচালনা করেছেন লোকেশ কানাগরাজ এবং গল্পের লেখক ছিলেন লোকেশ কানাগরাজ। বিক্রম মুভিটি তে বিশেষ চরিত্রে অভিনয় করেছেন কামাল হাসান, বিজয় সেতুপতি, ফাহাদ ফাসিল। ২০২২ সালে বিক্রম মুক্তি পায়। ইন্টারনেট মুভি ডাটাবেজে এখন পর্যন্ত ৩৪,০০০ টি ভোটের মাধ্যেমে ৮.৬/১০ রেটিং প্রাপ্ত হয়েছে মুভিটি। ১২০-১৫০ কোটি রুপি বাজেটের বিক্রম মুভিটি বক্স অফিসে ৪৪২.৪৫ কোটি রুপি আয় করে।

মুভিটির বিবরণ

  • মুভির নামঃ বিক্রম
  • পরিচালকঃ লোকেশ কানাগরাজ
  • গল্পের লেখকঃ লোকেশ কানাগরাজ
  • মুভির ধরণঃ অ্যাকশন, থ্রিলার
  • ভাষাঃ তামিল
  • অনুবাদকঃ Nurullah Mashhur | Tanvir Tarek
  • মুক্তির তারিখঃ ৩ জুন ২০২২
  • আইএমডিবি রেটিংঃ ৮.৬/১০
  • আইএমডিবি ভোটঃ ৩৪,০০০ টি
  • রান টাইমঃ ১৭৪ মিনিট

Vikram Bangla Subtitle – বিক্রম বাংলা সাবটাইটেল 2022

সাবটাইটেল নির্মাতাঃ নূরুল্লাহ মাশহুর

ডাউনলোড লিংকঃ ডাউনলোড সাবটাইটেল

সাবটাইটেল নির্মাতাঃ তানভীর হোসেন (ব্রাড ডেলসন)

ডাউনলোড লিংকঃ ডাউনলোড সাবটাইটেল

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