Incantation Bangla Subtitle – ইনকান্টেশন বাংলা সাবটাইটেল 2022

Incantation Bangla Subtitle – ইনকান্টেশন বাংলা সাবটাইটেল 2022 hooks you in from the start. It is what Blair Witch tried and failed to do. Suspense, gore and good story telling. Every scene gave the audience a sense of anxiety leading to the climax. At times, this film seemed to be predictable. Fortunately, it sets itself apart from the sea mediocre horror films streaming today.


First off, cinematography. The camera angles and the style of the POV type of horror really sets the audience on the story, a plus for the immersion. The visuals are good and plays it’s part. The actors’ and actresses’ performance is great. Script and dialogues are not awkward and just feels naturally which is a plus on setting up the tone of the Incantation Bangla Subtitle. If you are not a fan of a documentary-esque type of cinematography then this movie’s not for you.

Next is the story that removed the otherwise solid ten of a horror film. The plot is generic. It uses that same “The Ring (Ringu)” approach which is albeit very effective on sending the creeps if used correctly, just felt very overused. But all in all it delivered what it has to be delivered, would recommend.


Incantation Bangla Subtitle – ইনকান্টেশন বাংলা সাবটাইটেল

I watched it right after it has been released on Netflix, Incantation Bangla Subtitle was quite good and well done.

Cinematography: 5/10
I don’t like the way the Film was filmed using a camera that’s shaking and moving all the time because it doesn’t focused all the details of the film and it’s a no-no for me… I think It’ll be better if they add some formal cinematography to some part for the film for it to look more great.

Editing: 8/10
The editing of Incantation Bangla Subtitle from sound effects/transitions was great and aesthetic. But at some point, I think they lost some timing on suspense sounds because even if there’s nothing seems Scarry in some of the scenes they still put some sound effects. The killing scene was fine, I just don’t like to hear the spell because it’s very annoying and makes Incantation Bangla Subtitle – ইনকান্টেশন বাংলা সাবটাইটেল 2022 creepy.

Acting: 8/10
The acting of the main cast was very dramatic and it implies a lot of emotions which is kind of cool, the kid also. I also love the acting of those who got killed in Bangla Subtitle Incantation especially the ones that has been possessed and crushed his teeth off, it really scarred me because it was creepy.

Narrative: 7/10
The plot would be better if it’s not too long. Because the runtime of Incantation Bangla Subtitle is almost two hours and only the beginning and the ending was good, because the in the middle it’s full of scrips and they’re like talking at this moment the whole time, which could make you turn off the TV, and I think the middle part must be the beginning of the problem not a time to make a solution. But underneath it all, I’m surprised of the Twists and creepy scenes specially in the ending. The plot scripts was good and easy to understand.

Creepiness: 6/10
The killing scenes of the cast was great. But the ghost that appears after the boy got possessed was so terrible and it doesn’t make any sense and it’s kinda boring. The sound effects was creepy I just don’t like the way that the spell just pop up together with the sound effects because it’s not attachable in the film. Its a bit creepy though.

For me it is still one of the unique film that I have seen and as far as I remember I’m having thought that they might copy some scenes and cinematography from Incantation Bangla Subtitle (Haunted Asylum) a Korean horror film with the same cinematography like this one. But Haunted Asylum is better than this, because this one has crossed over the line which means it’s over in cinematography. So far it is quite good and well done horror, thriller movie…

Final Rating: 6/10



Super well made, genuinely thought I was cursed when finishing it because of how realistic it was. I’ve never had the “true horror movie experience” of being scared after watching but this might just do the trick.

Absolutely incredible cinematography, my only complaint is that it was a bit confusing for me to follow, we were just kind of watching different time zones and people all of a sudden all at once and it through me off a bit but other than that absolutely amazing. I am stunned by how well made Incantation Bangla Subtitle.

The Gray Man Bangla Subtitle – দ্য গ্রে ম্যান


It was draggy, cliched, all over the place, with many silly choices made by various characters. Didn’t have enough space in my skull to roll my eyes back at those illogical moments. It was the classic “拿戏来做”.

The only somewhat satisfying moment was when the loathesome character Yuan got his just desserts.

After sitting through the whole rigmarole, I almost felt like doing what the lead actress did at the end of the Bangla Subtitle Incantation. 🤣 I mean, after all that expectation build-up that one is going to see something unspeakably horrifying behind the deity’s face-cover, and then all we get is the sight of a silly hole with many smaller holes, wouldn’t one feel frustrated and let-down enough to bash one’s head against the wall?!

ইনকান্টেশন মুভিটির বাংলা সাবটাইটেল (Incantation Bangla Subtitle) বানিয়েছেন শান্ত কুমার দাস। ইনকান্টেশন মুভিটি পরিচালনা করেছেন কেভিন কো এবং গল্পের লেখক ছিলেন চে-ওয়েই চ্যাং, কেভিন কো। ইনকান্টেশন মুভিটি তে বিশেষ চরিত্রে অভিনয় করেছেন হুসুয়ান-ইয়েন সাই, মোহাম্মদ এলজেন্দি, ইং-হসুয়ান কাও। ২০২২ সালে ইনকান্টেশন মুক্তি পায়। ইন্টারনেট মুভি ডাটাবেজে এখন পর্যন্ত ৫,৭০০ টি ভোটের মাধ্যেমে ৬.২/১০ রেটিং প্রাপ্ত হয়েছে মুভিটি। ইনকান্টেশন মুভিটি বক্স অফিসে ৫.৭ মিলিয়ন আয় করে।

মুভিটির বিবরণ

  • মুভির নামঃ ইনকান্টেশন
  • পরিচালকঃ কেভিন কো
  • গল্পের লেখকঃ চে-ওয়েই চ্যাং, কেভিন কো
  • মুভির ধরণঃ হরর
  • ভাষাঃ কোরিয়ান
  • অনুবাদকঃ Shanto Kumar Das
  • মুক্তির তারিখঃ ৮ জুলাই ২০২২
  • আইএমডিবি রেটিংঃ ৬.২/১০
  • আইএমডিবি ভোটঃ ৫,৭০০ টি
  • রান টাইমঃ ১১১ মিনিট


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