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Honestly, this movie I personally thought was really good. I know people may disagree and that’s fine, this is just my personal opinion, but I thought the acting, the beautifully (and refreshingly) simple storyline, the really clever directorial choices and just generally how the whole movie was executed made it one of the best horror movies I have ever seen.

A Quiet Place Full Movie Free Download

I was completely gripped by the insane tension the whole way through and I loved the use of images to tell the story, the superb cut at the end and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a way, way above average film. I liked it a lot. It was about a million times better than Bird Box or something.

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I also had a lot of respect for the actress who played the girl, because she was deaf in real life and still managed to play her part as convincingly as all the rest. The cast of characters to remember to worry about was small, thankfully, and I personally absolutely loved this movie. But, like I have said before, people may not agree, so I would advise people to go watch it to find out if they like it.

A Quiet Place Full Movie Download Review

One of the best none speaking films iv ever seen John did a brilliant job with this film can’t wait to see number 2 such a tense film that keeps you quiet with all the tension as your rooting for the family to get through this great acting all round.

The first part of the movie was amazing and the environment was so cool.The movie is my favorite one because I love the actors and there names.I wonder how is the 2nd part going to play out.I’m gonna watch it when it comes out at the right time.

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