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Ghoomketu TV Serial Download. This movie is nice Nawaz again proved that he is best actor of all times. All the characters in this movie are funny and they have acted so well. it is one time watchable nd family movie you can watch it with your all family members in any age group. This movie contain funny scenes emotional scenes and relationship between a husband and his wife , also love of a father towards his son. It shows struggle of a common man who is coming from a village to a faster brighter cities.

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Those who says this movie a wastage of time, or says anurag Kashyap and all other didn’t give justice.
Jin akal ke andhon ko movie me dikkt lagi hai un logo ko bolna chahunga k plot ko samjhne aur charectors ko samjhne ki akal paida karo.
Ila arun and raghuveer yadav ko samjh pana aam aadmi ke bus ka nahi, especially is movie me unka charector agar critics ko bhi samjh aa jaye to I will touch their feet.
Kudos to director and dilogue writer. Amazing output from ila and raghuveer.
I had Never ever given any review to any movie.
But who ever wants I can fight for this movie and it’s quality.

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Its a fabulous story people of city whoose minds are fulled with foreign movies junk cant understand this our indian culture movie. A great job . Really got connected to it very enjoyable good acting .

You must see if u were somehow closer to our indian village or the original Indian culture. A very nice film hatss off.

What a simple but brilliant movie! A simple story told in a new unusual way. I loved the cinematography and direction style. Great work! As for Nawazudiin, superb as always! This man is unstoppable, what an actor! Congrats to the whole team, especially Anurag K. Keep it up!

Such a brillient effect, though story line is simple but characters are putting life to it, Santo bua is so raw and original, only those who have got enough exposure of village life can relate to it. Such good work must be appreciated, enjoyed every moment of it. Loved watching simple village set up after a long time post Pataakha by Vishal Bhardwaj.

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