Bangla Cartoon Birds Song | পাখিদের গান | Bangla Cartoon Song 2019 | Moople TV Bangla

In this Bengali cartoon, children will get to learn the names of birds with the help of Bengali rhymes. The kids along with their very popular Bangla Cartoon friends from Moople TV Bangla the Dhinchak Dinos are exploring the forest together. They come across many different species of birds living in the forest making varied sounds. They proceed to know more about the birds with the Bengali kids’ song 2018.

First in line is the crow. The children spot the crow along with its babies nesting on the branch of a tree. Below, on the ground, the sparrows are busy flapping sand, dust & dirt from the ground.

As the kids continue their journey into the forest, they come across a bunch of pigeons perched high up on a tree. They also spot a woodpecker knocking away at the bark of a tree.

The Kingfisher bird specializes in catching fishes from the rivers or ponds & eating them. The Koel or the cuckoo bird makes all kinds of pleasant calls & noises that sound like music to one’s ears.

Parrots are green in colour & have red beaks. Other birds dig the ground in search of worms & insects which they then consume.

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