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Sukumar Ray’s marvelous rhythm defines the pettiness of the human ego and the true purpose of life.

A gentleman with loads of knowledge goes for a boat ride.
He asks the boatman, “Can you tell me why the sun rises every day?
Why does the moon grow and shrink in phases? Why do we have tides?”
The dumbfounded old boatman has a silly smile on his face.
The intellectual states, “You labored throughout your life but
Without knowledge a quarter of your life is futile.”

After a while, the erudite enquirers, “Think and answer,
How does the river flow down from the mountains?
Can you tell me why the oceans are full of salty waters?”
The poor boatman confesses ” O Gentleman, how would I know so much ?”
The learned one states, “Even at this ripe age, you do not know this,
Then is your life indeed so cheap, half of it lost ?”

Thinking again, the gentleman questions, “Here old one can you say
Why do the far heights of the sky appear as blue
Why do solar and lunar eclipses happen to occur?
The aged boatman merely protests “Why are you embarrassing me so?”
At this, the scholar concludes, ” I do not know what to tell you,
But clearly, your life is three-quarters useless.”

After a while, there rose a storm, the waves puffed up
The gentleman sensed that the rocking boat could sink any moment.
He addressed the boatman, “What a menace! O brother boatman,
Is the boat about to sink? Am I going to die?
The boatman asked, “Do you know how to swim ?” — the man shook his head,
The illiterate boatman told him, “Why are you beaten now?
Verify my words if you finally survive this,
Looks like your life is totally in vain.

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